The Benefits of Community Solar

What community solar means for you and your community

  • What You Get

    Locally-generated solar power for about the same price as you pay the utility for conventional energy.

  • What You Share

    Solar savings. For every 3–5 households who subscribe to a Groundswell community solar project, we can enroll an Empowered household at no cost and cut their electricity bill by about 50%.

Here’s an example

A Groundswell Community Solar project has a system size of 250kW. That's enough energy to support 83 households in the local community. Of those households 19 are Empowered Households (low-income neighbors who struggle with the burden of high energy bills). Over a period of 20 years that creates an economic benefit of $187,625 to families in the neighborhood.

Can I Participate & what does it cost?

To participate in the Community Solar program, you must reside in one of Groundswell’s service areas: Maryland, Georgia, or the District of Columbia. And, because utility prices vary by state, subscription pricing will be based on the specific community solar project you join.

Rest assured, we will provide you with rate information for you to consider.

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