Community solar lets you share power with your neighbors.

Community solar enables you and your neighbors to “subscribe” to locally-produced solar electricity, whether you rent or own your home. So, it creates solar access for everyone.

Our Model: Sharing Power

Groundswell’s model is designed to help neighbors share power with neighbors. When you join Groundswell as a project host or as a subscriber, you make solar savings available to Empowered households, low-income neighbors who struggle with the burden of high energy bills.


Empowered Households are low-income households in your community who qualify for affordable solar energy to power their homes. Through Groundswell’s Community Solar Program, this opportunity is thanks to the participation of others in their community who pay the average market rate.

Why it matters

Families that earn the least pay the most for electricity.

The poorest 20% of America pays the most for electricity – 10% or more of their entire household income on average – because their homes are typically older and less energy efficient. Sharing power to help our neighbors cut their bills means more money for groceries, school supplies, and healthcare. Read the report: From Power to Empowerment.

Where We Work

Interested in Sharing Power?

Sign up for Community Solar

Sign up today to get the first chance to subscribe to Community Solar. Groundswell will notify you of the next opportunity to participate in receiving solar energy for your home, while sharing solar with Empowered Households in your community.

Host a Community Solar Project

Learn more about how your church, apartment complex, or other property can become a community solar host site. Groundswell will connect with you to discuss the benefits of generating solar energy at your location, for both your benefit and others in your community.