Yara Marei is Groundswell’s Labs & Data Science Community Engagement Exchange Fellow. Yara is responsible for data collection and research into climate and energy equity solutions to increase understanding of scientific research and methods development. She will demonstrate how software development and application tools inform decision science within the clean energy space and develop stakeholder engagement strategies and strategy consulting.

Yara is an inventor and entrepreneur who is enthusiastic about environmental engineering and climate/pollution control. Utilizing her background in Mechanical Engineering combined with expertise in integration projects, research methodology, and scientific research documentation, she invented a system to retrieve oil spills from water and prevent further spillages using nanotechnology to minimize cost and increase recovery duration. Yara has participated in several International Programs such as Intel ISEF-Arizona and Quest-India, and she is passionate about helping communities thrive — through the creation of educational programs for youth empowerment, tackling youth unemployment to create social impact and economic benefits for communities — and has given workshops on many different topics related to invention and entrepreneurship.

Her strong critical thinking and logical reasoning skills have been recognized by the following accolades: The Hult Prize and Graduation Projects at several Universities, the Arab Youth Award (UAE), and the Falling Walls Lab winner — Berlin 2023. She has Bachelor's Degrees in Pharmacy and Mechanical Engineering.