Marina Ter-Sargsyan is Director of Organizational and Project Finance at Groundswell, a nonprofit that builds community power through equitable community solar projects and resilience centers, clean energy programs that reduce energy burdens, and pioneering research initiatives that help light the way to clean energy futures for all. 

She brings 25 years of experience in different roles as a finance and accounting professional and experience in project finance. Her commitment to a not-for-profit organization is a driver to serve the community in her capacity as a finance professional. 

Prior to joining Groundswell, Marina worked in different industries and organizations, including public finance and international organizations. 

Marina earned her Master’s degree in Corporate Law from Saint-Petersburg Institute of International Economics Relations. She also holds multiple certifications in Management and Finance/Accounting and is an active member of the Accounting and Finance Professional Associations in the United States and Europe. 

She resides in Washington, DC, with her husband and two sons.