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Zakat Foundation of America

A behind-the-meter solar installation at the Zakat Foundation of America in Bridgeview, Illinois, will soon provide clean, locally generated energy through the Illinois Solar For All program. This 83 kW behind-the-meter solar installation will reduce electricity supply costs at the Zakat Foundation by roughly 65 percent and aid this global nonprofit in its ongoing humanitarian mission.

As the developer, Groundswell employed a behind-the-meter model that uses solar panels to generate onsite solar electricity and clean energy savings to support the Zakat Foundation’s ongoing service to “programs that elevate the downtrodden and their dependents to situations of self-reliance and communal respect.” This solar installation is possible thanks to the committed leadership at the Zakat Foundation of America and Groundswell, in partnership with SunLight General Capital and My Community Plan Foundation. 

SunLight General Capital — a woman-owned solar investment firm — financed this solar project, and Supreme Solutions — a Black-owned business — oversaw engineering, procurement, and construction for this project. My Community Plan Foundation — under the leadership of its executive director, the Rev. Mitchell Johnson — coordinated with Groundswell and the Zakat Foundation to ensure that this solar installation will have a transformative impact on the Zakat Foundation and the surrounding community.

As part of the Illinois Solar for All program, the rooftop solar installation at the Zakat Foundation of America brings the benefits of solar to those who need them most. ILSFA provides greater access to the clean energy economy for low-income communities through incentives that make solar installations more affordable and result in measurable savings.

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