Georgia Electrification Leadership Summit

Join Groundswell CEO Michelle Moore for a dialogue on the electrification of rural homes at the Georgia Electrification Leadership Summit on March 22, 2023. During the summit, speakers will discuss advances in end-use technology and low-carbon electricity generation, coupled with improvements in grid connectivity and consumer awareness and acceptance, which have increased the value of beneficial electrification. This event will convene leaders from Georgia to discuss opportunities and challenges around further electrification of our economy.

GA Tech is providing a leadership role in helping to realize the benefits of economic development, workforce opportunities, research and development, and technology deployment that comes with increasing electrification.

Additionally, Federal infrastructure investments can be used toward beneficial electrification programs and projects. While the concept of beneficial electrification is appealing, the question remains – how do we implement it? This meeting will bring together stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds to discuss the next steps to meet both challenges and opportunities provided by advancements in electric technology.

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