Join Tiffani Lawson, the Resiliency Program Manager at Groundswell, for a panel discussion about how equity can be put at the center of resilience planning and why it should be at Resilience Week 2023. The event provides a chance to discuss how private and public partners can work together to ensure a secure and resilient flow of energy across the nation.

Resilience planning is the process of developing strategies to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. Historically marginalized and disadvantaged communities often receive the least investment in resilience planning efforts. With historic investments in resilience planning for these communities from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and other federal funding priorities, it is vital that communities and their advisors are able to hold equity and justice as first principles in resilience planning in order to secure real dollars for infrastructure investment. This session will cover topics including R&D challenges around quantifying equitable resilience outcomes, how to include principles like equity in resilience planning efforts, and a discussion of sourcing the definition of resilience directly from communities (i.e., effective community engagement).

Other panelists include:

Samantha Ruiz, Chief of Staff, Department of Energy, Office of Economic Impact and Diversity
Eliza Hotchkiss, Senior Resilience Analyst, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Brian McAdoo, Disaster Researcher and Head of the PlanetLab, Duke University
Dayne Broderson, Computer and Information Research Scientist and Program Manager, Alaska Center for Energy and Power
Isa Ferrall-Wolf, Research, National Renewable Energy Laboratory