Kristal Virgil is the Senior Vice President of Finance and Fund Development, in which roles she focuses on the people - customers, staff team, and Board - who make up Groundswell. Her background in communication and passion for advocacy for underserved communities and those without a voice has been the heartbeat of her professional career. 

From Early Childhood Education to Organizational Development and HR, Kristal’s focus and passion for serving people has allowed her to make a difference everywhere she goes. Since joining Groundswell in 2015, she has helped create a culture of belonging, strengthen internal connectivity to Groundswell's strategic plan, and develop a people-centered customer experience that serves more than 4,000 residents throughout the District and hundreds of residents in Maryland and in Georgia. 

Kristal earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Liberty University and is a Society for Human Resources Management Certified Professional. She serves on the Board of Directors of The Ramp Global Missions and has served in her local church assembly and community in many leadership capacities.

While dedicated to serving others, one of Kristal's greatest joys is being able to serve as a wife and mother.