Pastor Michael Jackson is a SOUL Outreach Consultant who works with the Groundswell team to connect rural Georgia households to energy efficiency upgrades. He has provided outreach for Groundswell’s Save On Utilities Long term program, which equipped 45 homes in LaGrange, Georgia, with energy efficiency upgrades, resulting in up to $500 a year in energy bill savings and $9,879 in estimated lifetime energy bill savings. 

Pastor Jackson serves the LaGrange community as the pastor at Confidence Missionary Baptist Church. He was called to ministry under the leadership of the Rev. C.W. Martin of the Valley Grove Baptist Church, and he is currently under the mentorship of the Rev. T.W. Neal of the Leverette Hill Baptist Church. 

Pastor Jackson attended West Georgia Technical College for Business Management. He received an Associate’s Degree from Community School of Theology. He obtained his Bachelors of Art Degree in Bilical Studies from Cornerstone Christian University and is presently pursuing a master’s degree. Pastor Jackson is also the Senior Chaplin at the LaGrange Police Department.