Smartflower Solar system unveiled in south Chicago

Collaborating to bring clean energy to the Bronzeville community

Mohawk Group, a global commercial flooring company with a commitment to sustainability, partnered with Groundswell, Elevate Energy and other partners in south Chicago to unveil a new smartflower™  solar system in June 2018. The smartflower™ , located at The Renaissance Collaborative (TRC) in the Bronzeville community, officially launched an innovative solar energy partnership that includes the installation of ten units across the U.S. over the course of three years.  Each smartflower system is established in an underserved community near educational instituitions with STEM programs. 
The Renaissance Collaborative (TRC) is a community development corporation that exists to promote self-sufficiency for members of the Bronzeville community through an innovative and comprehensive network of supportive housing, employment and educational services. The campus that serves as the site of the new smartflower includes a historic multi-story building, originally the Wabash Avenue YMCA, now housing more than 100 former homeless adults.

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