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No More Food Deserts: A Grocery Store On Wheels?

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  • 1024px-Climate_Rally_flows_down_Swanston_street
    5 Ways to Travel Smarter (to People’s Climate March or Anywhere)

    The People’s Climate March is this Sunday (9/21) in NYC. And unless you live within biking distance from the march, you can’t participate without hopping in a car, or on a bus, train, or plane. That’s not ideal, seeing as nearly thirty percent of the US’s yearly carbon usage comes from transportation. I don’t want to […]

  • © Marie-Lan Nguyen/ Wikimedia Commons/ CC-BY 2.5
    Kitty, Litter Not! 6 Cheap Ways to Reduce Your Pet’s Environmental Impact

    Call me a cat lover: I just adopted two adorable kittens, and I couldn’t be happier. But could my kittens be a drag on my environmental footprint? Before I adopted, I carefully considered my lifestyle choices. Was I ready for the responsibility? Was I home enough to properly take care of them? Could I afford the […]

  • leftoverswap-featured
    Hungry? LeftoverSwap Can Help

    This story was originally published on Urbanful. There have been many questionable ideas to come out of the sharing economy, but this one takes the cake (or whatever’s left of it). LeftoverSwap is an app that lets you post pictures of your unfinished meals and allows users to claim these unwanted eats. Basically, it’s Airbnb meets […]


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