I watched the clean energy movement fall short in 2009 as climate policy failed to pass in the US Senate by one vote. One vote! I will never forget that feeling of disappointment and frustration. Eager to organize to push this movement forward, I joined the Groundswell team in August of 2010.

My tenure at Groundswell introduced me to the wisdom of blending the best of energy efficiency, investments, and community organizing tools with an emphasis on telling good stories and being actively involved in one’s community.

I carry these lessons with me as the executive director of The Community Purchasing Alliance. We work directly with the people who pay utility bills and equip them with a more developed sense of the energy sector — so if they want to make changes they have some initial footholds on a climbing wall that will allow them to pioneer a new route to their goals and ideally a more fair, just, and sustainable energy future.

When Groundswell CEO Michelle Moore and I discussed partnering on our upcoming group energy purchase, I was delighted to have an opportunity to return to my roots. Groundswell and CPA Co-op have a similar mission and similar purpose, and I am energized by the spirit of our collaboration.

In this collaboration, CPA will continue to support critical institutions that have been a part of Groundswell and a part of our history and allow both of us to pursue our missions in new ways.

Towards this end, we are inviting the Groundswell community to participate in CPA Co-op’s upcoming group energy purchase.

We will be hosting a brief informational call on April 22nd at 3:30 p.m.to discuss our upcoming Group Energy Purchase.  Click here to Register for the CPA Group Energy Purchase Call.

→ Interested in learning more? Please fill out our survey* to indicate interest: http://bit.ly/CPA-ENERGY 

(*It only takes 5 minutes and does not commit you to the group energy purchase.)

We hope that with Groundswell’s help, we can continue to build power towards a more fair, just, and sustainable energy future.