Community solar is a community wealth-builder; not only does the solar power it produces power the local area with cheaper, cleaner electricity, but the construction and ownership of the project itself can produce economic benefits to the community it's in. Dr. Steven A. Douglass, of Steven A. Douglass Ministries and a local community activist, lays out the unique economic benefits community solar projects--like the one being hosted at The Temple of Praise--potentially present to communities East of the River that embrace them.


The Temple of Praise community solar project would allow for lower cost energy bills for residents of both apartment buildings and single family housing units in both Wards 7 and 8.  Given the rise in energy costs, and the increase in other living expenses, this initiative would serve to support the community in a number of ways, namely the reduction of onerous energy costs that are economically holding down those in our community making the least each month. Anything that positively impacts


With the development of solar panels and the need to install them, having a robust job training program would be necessary for the success of the project. Training Wards 7 & 8 residents on building and installing solar panel would support the new government's efforts to increase productivity and jobs in a changing world that requires more advanced skills to work with new technologies, like solar.  This project would provide the vocational training necessary to ensure that the residents East of the River would benefit not just from energy cost saving measures, but also training in this energy field. There's invaluable benefits to the impact exposure to these higher-paying jobs would have on the surrounding community.


It is believed that with thousands of single family housing units, and hundreds of multi-family dwellings in both Wards 7 & 8, projects of this nature could generate hundreds of jobs.  There would be jobs on the front-end, community service representatives who would go into the community and solicit business on behalf of the project, and then installation technicians who would have been trained to do the installation. 


Having this project East of the River, as you can see, will provide multiple opportunities for the community.  Ultimately, however, its the savings on energy bills as the primary benefit that will galvanize and energize the community it services. Creating job opportunities for the residents is also something that the community would see as a win-win, and should put their support behind this project.


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