What changes when I switch my utility bill to wind power?

Fear not! Just like before you switched to wind, you will still receive a single consolidated bill each month for the energy that you use. For individuals signing a contract with WGL Energy, this bill will still come from your utility company, with a section of the bill detailing that your energy is from WGL. For Arcadia Power customers, Arcadia will monitor your energy usage and buy an equal amount of clean energy to put onto the grid. To simplify things, Arcadia Power will pay your local utility directly and you will get a single consolidated bill from Arcadia Power. That's it!

Your local utility will continue to reliably deliver electricity to your home or apartment over the electric poles and wires. They will also provide support relating to outages or other distribution-related issues.

And once you switch to wind, the money you will pay for electricity will go to a wind farm instead of a coal or natural gas plant. No extra hassle, no service interruptions, and no installations.