Site Host The Empowerment Temple

Projected Capacity 350 kW

Total Number of Households Served 116

Resilience Incorporates solar storage for community resilience

Estimated Delivery Late 2019

Connecting Solar Power to Economic Empowerment

The Empowerment Temple in collaboration with The Economic Empowerment Coalition

The Empowerment Temple is a 10,000 member African American Episcopal Church in Baltimore that was founded and is led by Dr. Jamal Bryant. Dr. Bryant is the youngest person to be inducted into the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame. His consistency and dedication to preaching the gospel and championing equality among people of all walks have earned him a reputation for leadership around the globe.

The Economic Empowerment Coalition (TEEC) is an affiliated nonprofit Community Development Corporation (CDC) founded by Dr. Bryant and led by Chairman Anthony Robinson. Their work includes implementing community economic development projects, now including a pioneering community solar project in collaboration with Groundswell, with a focus in the Park Heights area of Baltimore.

As a part of our collaboration with TEEC, Groundswell has engaged local Groundswell Fellow Amath Gomis to work with the Empowerment community to organize and implement sustainability and related training programs to help connect this pioneering community solar project to local sustainability job and entrepreneurship opportunities. Training partners include the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program and the International WELL Building Institute’s WELL program for healthy buildings.

The Empowerment project is registered among the first wave of Maryland community solar projects. The project is registered as a low and moderate income (LMI) pilot project, which means that at least 33% of the households it serves will be low and moderate income.

This pioneering project will also incorporate solar storage through Groundswell’s collaboration with A.F. Mensah. Solar storage will not only improve the performance of the project, it will also increase the resilience of the local community while enabling The Empowerment Temple to keep the power on even in the worst storms – providing light, heat, and comfort to the people it serves.

Groundswell serves as the project developer and subscriber management organization and is responsible for project finance, in addition to serving as organizing and training partner to TEEC. There are no costs to the church or to TEEC.

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