Sarah Stevens is a Customer Support Associate at Groundswell. She welcomes customers into the program, answers subscriber questions, and serves as a point of contact for enrolled participants. Sarah is obsessed with ensuring that every enrolled participant feels appreciated and respected.

Sarah grew up in Dickson, Tennessee, and she earned her Bachelor's of Arts degree in Political Science and Global Studies from Hofstra University in New York. She is currently enrolled in American University's School of International Service, pursuing her Master of Arts degree in International Development with a concentration in migrant flows and refugee justice in the Levant. Sarah's postgraduate research dives into the links between IMF programs and economic conditions in Lebanon's Syrian and Palestinian refugee communities. 

Sarah  volunteers with Syrian refugees through Paper Airplanes, a nonprofit that connects English speakers with displaced refugees seeking to develop professional and educational language skills. She is passionate about intersectional grassroots movements, community organizing, environmental sustainability, and economic justice.