Every Monday afternoon, Groundswell’s staff team convenes to review our goals and our priorities for the week. It helps us stay focused and connected, and to maintain the pace we have to keep.

I wanted to share those goals with you all today, too.

First and foremost, Groundswell exists to build community power. We do that by working with churches, local nonprofits, and other centers of the community to develop community solar projects that reduce household energy bills and bring investment and jobs to the neighborhood. We go deep with energy equity by using other tools like energy efficiency and wind power to cut energy costs even further. The 20% of Americans who earn the least pay the most for electricity – 10% or more of their entire household income. So investment, jobs, and savings add up to greater financial stability.

Towards this mission, in 2017 Groundswell will have:

  • One community solar project in operation, providing affordable clean energy to families.
  • Four community solar projects in construction, mobilizing a minimum of $4 million in investment and related jobs.
  • 10 community solar projects under contract and ready to move into construction in 2018.
  • 500 low and moderate income families subscribing to our projects for affordable clean power, and 2,000 more signed up.
  • And we will continue to help small businesses, community organizations, and small municipalities cut energy costs by maintaining a minimum of 60 million kilowatt hours of commercial wind under contract.

There are a lot of ways to build community power where you live. This is how we do it, and we’re grateful you’re a part of the work.