Tanjila Sharif, is the Web Development Manager at Groundswell. She is driven by her passion for transformative designs that reflect the communities and community values of the people Groundswell serves.

With a background in computer programming and engineering, Tanjila develops subscriber management systems, software requirements, and development lifecycle; implements new software and procedures; and institutes efficient and effective business processes to better reach the community.

Prior to joining Groundswell, Tanjila worked as an experienced Full Stack Developer adept at utilizing different programming languages to create dynamic websites, e-commerce solutions, and line of business applications —including developing interactive kiosks for Smithsonian museums in Washington, DC.

Tanjila earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Central Florida and a technical degree from Montgomery College. She holds a certification in Six Sigma Yellow Belt, a data-driven methodology for process improvement that aims to minimize defects and variability to achieve better quality.

Outside work, Tanjila loves traveling, gardening, exploring nature, drawing, spending time with her family, and learning about history.