Raj Krishnamurthy is currently involved in developing energy storage technologies as a co-founder and head of engineering at Automatiks Inc, a Sunnyvale, CA-based startup delivering Hybrid microgrid and off-grid power systems in product form for off-grid and poor grid regions. The innovative distributed generation and storage technologies being perfected here will serve the emerging storage revolution in first-world grids as we seek higher and higher renewable reliance and will fuel the transformation of the current power grid into a cascade of self-reliant micro-grids powered mainly by renewables.

Automatiks today builds hybrid off-grid micro-grids that enable the adoption of solar and other renewables in remote and island locations where the first world model of grid-tied solar does not make sense. Raj fervently believes in the role of renewable energy as a means for people to gain some control of their own destiny.

Recent experiences include Solar PV, Energy storage, off-grid renewable power, and distributed generation. Past experiences include semiconductors, high-performance computing systems, wireless communications, CPU architecture, systems software, software-defined networking, utility energy grid security and analytics, and secure semiconductors.

He serves as a technology consultant and subject matter expert to Capricorn Investment Group, a large fund investing in clean energy technologies, power, water, and health care, where he works closely with the portfolio's energy-related companies on technology and product strategy. Elsewhere, he is a technology and market consultant in the domains of secure semiconductors and utility and grid security. He also serves on a select number of boards.