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  • 2024 04 22
    Salesforce today introduced a series of new initiatives designed to foster a more sustainable and equitable future through the use of AI. The company has rolled out its Sustainable AI Policy Principles, a framework aimed at guiding AI regulation to minimize environmental impact and spur climate innovation.


  • 2024 04 02
    Legislation has been filed in South Carolina to update the commercial building energy code from the 2009 IECC to the 2021 IECC, standing to save over $900k in energy costs in the first year. SEEA is actively completing a residential energy code field study in the state to inform stakeholders and decision-makers with on-the-ground data for a residential energy code update in the future.

    Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance

  • 2024 03 31
  • 2024 03 22
    Before Trenton Allen became the CEO of Sustainable Capital Advisors he worked as an investment banker for Citigroup.

    The Black Wall Street Times

  • 2024 03 12
    It’s not a stretch to say that we live in an age of extremes. 2023 was — by far— the hottest year since humans have been keeping records; scientists say it was the hottest in 100,000 years. The signs are everywhere: from the Southwestern heat dome that smashed 2,300 temperature records over the summer, to the hellish wildfire that incinerated Maui in August.

    The Rewilding Institute

  • 2024 03 07
    The federal government is placing big bets on the leadership role rural communities will play in building resilient clean energy futures, which should be a call to action for the clean energy and corporate sustainability communities.


  • 2024 03 01
    Groundswell is a nonprofit working across Georgia and several other states to bring energy efficiency upgrades to low- and moderate-income communities and invest in clean energy projects. They are one of six organizations that received a 2024-25 Drawdown Georgia Climate Solutions & Equity Grant.


  • 2024 02 23
    In October 2023, federal officials, financiers, researchers, and energy experts gathered for conversations centered on the game changing opportunities to increase economic inclusion and productivity in rural communities during the Rural Renaissance Roadshow.

    Visit Bentonville