You’re invited to the Prepare for Power concert on JULY 2ND at 6:00PM ET

  • Performances by Lizzie No & Oceanator
  • Special Guest Speaker Curtis Wynn
  • Poster by Jasmine Everett

The Series

Prepare for Power is a concert series hosted by Groundswell and partners from the communities we serve. The bi-weekly concert features artists, activists, and thought leaders who are preparing their communities for power even as the country faces immense challenges.


Lizzie No

With the release of her debut album, 'Hard Won,' in March 2017, singer-songwriter, harpist, and guitarist Lizzie No established herself as one of the most exciting new voices in contemporary folk music. Billboard Magazine called the album “simultaneously understated and fervent” and Paste Magazine dubbed her "the best of what's next." She followed up the album with the release of “Sundown,” a benefit track for Black Lives Matter.

Building on the songwriting prowess displayed in her critically acclaimed debut album, Lizzie No is unsparing in the stories she tells on her new album 'Vanity,' released August 2, 2019. The nine songs on ‘Vanity’ are epic tales of ego, featuring narrative shifts within vividly crafted characters. Rolling Stone called the single “Narcissus” a "crisp alt-rock gem" and a "song you need to know." No has showcased at Americanafest, South by Southwest, the Norman Music Festival and the Mile of Music Festival. Classical arrangements of her songs have been performed at the Louisville Orchestra's Festival of American Music and the Downtown Chamber Series in Phoenix, AZ. She is also a winner of the American Songwriter Magazine Lyrics Contest.



Elise Okusami has been a musician since the tender age of 9 years old when she first learned to play guitar. Her current force of nature quality is clearly inspired by a lifelong intense passion for music. In the 4th grade, soon after learning guitar, Okusami started her first band with her brother and a few friends. She hasn’t slowed since then, also having drummed for multiple projects in New York. As she eventually grew into her solo musical endeavor, Oceanator, Okusami has exemplified the sheer power of her project’s namesake through and through.


Curtis Wynn

Curtis Wynn is president & CEO of Roanoke Electric Cooperative & Affiliate Organizations. He has nearly 39 years’ experience in the electric utility industry. He formerly held a number of management positions at West Florida Electric Cooperative. He graduated from Troy University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration & Management Information Systems. Wynn also serves on the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation, North Carolina Electric Membership Cooperative and North Carolina Association of Electric Cooperatives boards.

Roanoke Electric Cooperative distributes power to 14,500 member accounts in Northeastern NC. Under Wynn’s 22 years of leadership, the cooperative has advanced operationally and technologically to increase its system’s efficiency and resilience while improving service to its member-owners. Recently, Roanoke Electric began steps to embrace the rapid pace of industry transformation. A number of transformative projects are currently underway including:

  1. establishing broadband connectivity throughout its service territory
  2. installing ‘smart grid’ technology
  3. deploying distributed energy resources
  4. integrating demand response capabilities into its system operations.
As an added bonus, many of Roanoke’s member-owners are enjoying broadband internet service for the first time.

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