WASHINGTON — Groundswell is thrilled to announce that Bartees Cox, a veteran campaign and marketing and communications leader, has joined the organization’s leadership team as Director of Marketing and Communications. Bartees will oversee community engagement and marketing and communications for Groundswell’s community power programs, including existing and future SharePower™ solar projects.

“Bartees is among the vanguard of young leaders at the intersection of climate, economic, and racial justice,” said Michelle Moore, CEO of Groundswell. “I am grateful to count him as a colleague and can’t wait to see how his vision, insight, and passion for putting people first will be expressed through Groundswell’s work.”

Previously, Bartees co-managed a media team that provided strategic communications support to organizations working in the justice, climate, and clean energy space as a Communications Director at Climate Nexus. He rose through the organization to Director of Strategic Partnerships team after launching and leading the Freedom to Breathe Tour. Prior to joining Climate Nexus, Bartees worked as a Senior Associate for BerlinRosen on its national labor team supporting unions like SEIU, CWA, and the Fight for $15 campaign. Bartees experience also includes serving as the Deputy Press Secretary for the FCC, managing communications around the net neutrality order and prison phone rates. 

“I’ve spent my career focused on national level communications campaigns, so I’m looking forward to more direct work with communities and leaders on the ground,” says Bartees. “I believe that programs like SharePower™ are necessary if we’re to curb emissions, create healthier environments, and empower communities. The marketing team we build at Groundswell will assert this through storytelling and engage national media to show what an equitable community solar model can mean for the energy sector, climate change and communities on the ground.”

Groundswell is now hiring a Digital Marketing Manager to work with Bartees, if you’re interested in joining his team please apply here or send your resume to Bartees.Cox@groundswell.org

Background on Groundswell 

Groundswell is a nonprofit that  develops community solar projects and subscriber management programs that connect solar power to marginalized communities. We believe that clean energy is a necessity, not a luxury; we’re all in this together; and we can’t afford to leave our neighbors in need behind.

Community solar projects allow homeowners and renters alike a chance to plug into solar power without buying solar panels or having a place to put them. Instead, families buy subscriptions to a community solar array. Each month, they get a credit on their electricity bills for their share of the solar power produced. Groundswell is unique because of its SharePower™ program, which uses some of the money collected from subscribers to provide free clean power to low-income families.