WASHINGTON, DC, APRIL 2021 — Groundswell, in collaboration with Hummingbird Firm, the REBA Institute, and The Solutions Project, announced this week the release of a summary document outlining insight into more effective collaboration between corporations and communities. These findings are the result of a month-long “Working Wisdom Listening Tour,” that brought together corporate decision-makers and leaders of community-based organizations.

The Working Wisdom Listening Tour hosted more than 130 attendees from more than 90 organizations as part of four weekly sessions in February. These discussions offered insights for more authentic co-creation of community value, captured in a Listening Tour summary report.  From the Listening Tour, Groundswell, REBA Institute, and The Solutions Project will further develop a toolkit outlining actions corporations can take to collaborate with communities in a way that is beneficial for both.

“Listening is an important first step for the Working Wisdom project,” Groundswell Senior Program Director Chris Nichols said. “Ultimately, we are creating a process for co-creating solutions that help achieve corporations’ sustainability goals while building true partnerships with frontline community organizations. We are inviting everyone to come to an expanding common table.”

Corporate renewable energy purchases drive billions of dollars of investment every year. Connecting these decisions more intentionally to community priorities that address equity, build capacity and education, and provide economic growth were some of the ideas shared by speakers during the Working Wisdom Listening Tour. The recommendations from this report have the potential to expand economic benefits beyond clean energy generation itself.

“We heard authentic voices and experiences from frontline communities that have developed sustainable solutions,” said Lily Donge, Groundswell Program Director of Corporate Innovation for Communities.

The Working Wisdom Listening Tour was a first step in Groundswell’s more extensive Communities and Corporates program. This program builds a table for corporate energy buyers and local and community-based leaders to come together under a shared clean energy vision. 

About Groundswell: Groundswell is a 501c3 nonprofit that serves local communities by developing solar projects and resilience hubs; helping neighbors share power; reducing energy burdens through efficiency; connecting clean energy supply chains to local economic development; and leading pioneering research to help light the way to affordable energy. Through our work, we are building clean energy futures that reflect the beautiful diversity of the communities we serve.

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