Groundswell is leading the monthly webinar series, Energy Futures 2021 funded by Bank of America, to build awareness of the findings of LIFT Solar Everywhere program. The LIFT program focuses on accelerating solar access for low- and moderate-income (LMI) households. Kicking off in May 2021, this series will cover a variety of topics related to community-solar and clean energy projects established to serve LMI households.

In this webinar, Groundswell will lead several panelists in a discussion of both the “how-to,” and the models, financing approaches, and regulatory considerations that enable a shift to more equitable clean energy futures. Our moderator, Groundswell's Chris Nichols leads the national conversation about a research program supported by the US Department of Energy - "LIFT: Accelerating LMI Access to Solar Everywhere." Speakers include leaders from groundbreaking government programs advancing energy equity within the context of community solar programs. Join us to listen and share great ideas for actionable next steps — for community leaders at all levels and our neighbors. We all have a place at the table to build energy equity.

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