Energy Futures 2021: The Poor Still Pay More for Energy

On September 29, Groundswell Director of Data Science Research and Analytics Dr. Elvis Moleka will discuss how and why energy burdens are often heavier for households in certain states or with certain incomes as part of the ongoing Energy Futures 2021 webinar series. Through in depth analysis, Dr. Moleka has uncovered that energy burdens among low and moderate-income individuals are far heavier than their high-income neighbors, and the difference is far worse in some states than others. The first step to addressing these gaps is to identify their causes, many of which Dr. Moleka has identified in his soon to be published research. This discussion will have a foundation in research findings from the LIFT Solar Everywhere initiative that show the value of prioritizing the community, its vision, and its values in shaping clean energy programs that serve people and communities with low and moderate incomes.

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