LIFT is requesting residential energy efficiency, water efficiency and solar program data from utilities, municipalities, private and non-profit organizations that will inform its research. Using actual data from current and historic energy efficiency, water efficiency, solar, and community solar projects that include LMI customers, LIFT organizations will analyze both customer experience and project level finance patterns. Based on this analysis, LIFT will deliver effective, transparent service designs that integrate building energy efficiency with solar/community solar benefits for LMI ratepayers.

To contribute data, please fill out the appropriate Program Profile document and email it to In response, LIFT will generate a unique Username and Password for each data donor organization, enabling your data to be transferred to LIFT’s dedicated, secure server via a secured FTP portal.

Program Profile: Customer Experience

Program Profile: Finance

“We are grateful to the many utilities and organizations that have promised to share data with our program,” said Michelle Moore, Groundswell’s CEO. “This work will benefit so many families who struggle with energy burdens.”

All data contributors will receive ‘early releases’ of LIFT analysis, and aggregated, anonymized data sets for their own analysis later in the LIFT program.

LIFT’s research and program [“Accelerating Low-Income Financing and Transactions for Solar Access Everywhere”], is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) under the Solar Energy Technologies Office Award Number DE-0008567. The LIFT collaborative includes four regional clean energy organizations: Groundswell, Elevate Energy, Southface Energy Institute and Clean Energy Works.