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LaGrange SOUL™ Program

Groundswell and the City of LaGrange have partnered to create the LaGrange SOUL Program. This SOUL™, or Save On Utilities Long term, program is a pilot program in the City of LaGrange which serves low- and moderate-income residents who have paid more than 20% higher than LaGrange’s average utility bills due to energy inefficiency. While the City of LaGrange has low utility costs, some residents have much higher-than-average utility bills because their homes are older, less efficient, and use more energy.

The City of LaGrange approved the use of community development funds that are set aside to specifically benefit low to moderate-income residents to fund the pilot program. The program officially launched in 2020, and LaGrange SOUL participants are receiving an average annual savings of $500 a year. This savings is facilitated by home energy efficiency with upgrades averaging more than $4,500 per household, with installations paid for using a Pay As You Save (PAYS®) approach.

Groundswell engages community residents to share information about the program, provides enrollment support, and connects residents to additional wrap-around services.