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Hogansville SOUL ™ Program

The City of Hogansville and Groundswell are collaborating to determine how the Hogansville SOUL™ Program can best serve low- and moderate-income residents with higher-than-average utility bills. SOUL, or Save On Utilities Long term, focuses on reducing energy bills for households with higher-than-average utility bills because of older, less efficient housing which uses more energy. 

The City of Hogansville agreed to partner with Groundswell to begin analysis for the program in March 2021. This analysis is currently underway, but based on implementation in similar housing in nearby communities, it is estimated that Hogansville residents may receive an average annual savings of $500 a year through the program’s home energy efficiency upgrades, with installations paid for using a Pay As You Save (PAYS®) approach.

Groundswell will engage community residents to share information about the program, provide enrollment support, and connect residents to additional wrap-around services once the program reaches implementation.