What makes Groundswell different?

As a nonprofit, Groundswell's #1 goal is to advocate on behalf of you, the consumer. We pool together a large number of people, with help from our partners and community leaders. Through strength in numbers, we negotiate with a number of different energy suppliers on behalf of our group for the lowest possible group discount rate with the best contract terms. We can't promise you prices that are lower than what you might pay for coal. However, we can promise you that rates will be cheaper than what you would get on the market yourself for 100% wind power, and they will be competitive with current market rates.

A common practice for energy suppliers is to entice new customers with a low "variable" rate contract, which is then increased 1, 2 or even 10 fold in the next couple of months—leaving you with high bills or large cancellation fees. We aim to protect consumers against this kind of business practice. In most of our contracts, we have negotiated for fixed rates, so that you can expect the same rate for the entire 1 or 2 years that you sign on for. For folks who are eligible to sign up for service with Arcadia Power, there is no contract involved. Arcadia Power will give you a notice before any price adjustments, and you can cancel at any time.

Additionally, Groundswell negotiates only for 100% wind. We do not support natural gas or other forms of energy that are not 100% renewable. Some companies will state that their products are "renewable," but this is often actually a mix of energies that are slightly cleaner than coal, but still not sustainable. This could include biofuels (which still create a significant amount of air pollution) or natural gas.