In the wake of the Paris climate summit, it's time for everyone to pitch in to fulfill climate action promises.

This week, Groundswell was featured in a Huffington Post article discussing the importance of grassroots action in the race to combat climate change:

"The clean energy deployment race is just beginning, not unlike the California Gold Rush of the 1800s. Everyone has a shot to innovate and snag a piece of the action—to do good and do well by deploying more megawatts of clean energy. Look at the growth of upstart companies such as Renovate America's Hero Program and Mckinstry. Or small business success stories like Berenice Lopez-Dorsey who literally are defining the American Dream. Or innovative partnership organizations like and Mosaic who are getting schools, churches, and consumers to pool their purchases of clean energy.

The old rules of Monopoly are being written after Paris. The new game? It's called Deployment. Let's all play."

We at Groundswell are proud to stand at the forefront of the clean energy deployment race. Read the full article on Huffington Post here.