Dr. Steven A. Douglass headshot

Dr. Steven A. Douglass

Steven was born and raised in Washington, DC. He graduated from Sunrise Academy in 2005.  After graduation Steven pursued his passion for music playing in bands and traveling throughout the United States.  


Later, Steven began to use his music and the stage to address critical social issues like homelessness, violence, poverty, and education.  This caused him to spend more time in the community, visiting with families, community centers and schools.  Steven later became involved in church and began to speak to gatherings of men and boys, and families, etc.  


In recent years Stevens advocacy got him involved in the Flint, Michigan water crises, and the Terrence Sterling murder by police in Washington, DC, where, since September 18, 2016, he has lead a weekly protest of that shooting.


It is Stevens goal to later write a book about homelessness, and to develop a ministry that would help people throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area.


Steven is married, a father who loves his children, and a devoted friend to many.

Articles by Steven