Host a Community Solar Project

If you or your organization own a building, parking lot, or undeveloped land, you could host a community solar project that shares power with your neighborhood.

How it works

Groundswell works with churches, apartment buildings, and other organizations to develop and install community solar projects. There are no costs to you as the site host. Groundswell leases your rooftop, the area over your parking lot, or your empty land. We then design the project, organize financing, and enroll and manage all subscribers.

Here’s an example

A Groundswell Community Solar project has a system size of 250kW. That's enough energy to support 83 households in the local community. Of those households 19 are Empowered Households (low-income neighbors who struggle with the burden of high energy bills). Over a period of 20 years that creates an economic benefit of $187,625 to families in the neighborhood.

Let’s talk.

If you’re interested in sharing power by becoming a community solar project host, we’d love to talk with you.

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