In the last decade, the private sector has moved at an incredible pace to purchase solar and wind energy to address their climate commitments. So much focus has been placed on buying renewable energy that this purchasing power has yielded over $2 trillion worth of value for wind and solar markets. 

Against the backdrop of 25 GW of new renewable energy purchasing commitments in the past 5 years, Groundswell is now working to align the needs of the communities we serve with this unprecedented demand from the private sector for climate solutions. We believe the fast-moving wave of corporate renewables will be much more resilient and sustainable if these projects integrate social benefits and community priorities.” 

Groundswell is collaborating with values-aligned partners in a wide-sweeping effort to identify, evaluate, and test best practices and leverage points in the corporate renewable purchasing process to support community-driven benefits. 

By bringing the community directly to the decision-making table up front, we believe our collective renewable solutions will be much better.

Groundswell has partnered with the Renewable Energy Buyers’ Alliance and The Solutions Project to explore how large buyer renewable energy procurement can generate co-benefits for local communities.  

Project Partners

  • REBA’s members include the largest corporations in the world and major renewable energy developers and intermediaries. Together, the membership understands that fostering an accessible, equitable, and just clean energy transition is a collective challenge that can be most effectively solved as a community of practice, in partnership with communities on the frontline of this transition.

  • Solutions Project’s award-winning success has been to deploy funds to frontline communities at the forefront of climate solutions. The Fighter Fund was designed to help community and frontline leaders realize the vision of 100% renewable energy for 100% of the people, funding more than 50 renewable and regenerative projects, and another 25 campaigns in 22 states, Puerto Rico, Oglala Lakota, and Navajo nations.