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Switching is quick and easy: no extra equipment and you’ll still receive one electric bill each month.

So raise your hand with Groundswell & make the switch.

Groundswell and our partners have brought together more than 400 community organizations and 10,000 people to join in group purchases of wind power over the past seven years. By empowering our community to choose between 100% clean, renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power as well as expanding access to needed energy efficiency resources, Groundswell is turning everyday purchases into meaningful drivers of social change.

Your Impact

Switching to wind power reduces your carbon footprint.
It’s equal to planting 177 trees.

It’s one of the easiest ways you can contribute to the fight against climate change.

Making the Switch is Easy

Groundswell’s nonprofit team of experts have chosen a local energy supplier to offer you an affordable option for 100% wind power for your home. The process to enroll is easy: there’s no equipment to install and you’ll still receive one electric bill each month.

  1. SIGN UP

    This process is entirely online - there is no signup fee or equipment to install. Just complete our simple online form to gain access to our special offer.


    You enroll with our preferred local wind partner, WGL Energy, for either a one (1) or two (2) year fixed rate contract; it’s your choice. Your rate is then locked in for the term of your contract.


    Your utility continues to bill you monthly and is responsible for fixing any power outages, while you enjoy 100% clean, renewable wind powering your home and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Here are our most recent offers for 100% clean wind power from our trusted clean energy providers.

Current Offers

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