Commercial Clean Energy

Switch your organization to 100% wind power to save money on your organization’s monthly electricity costs so you can expand your community impact.


Groundswell has helped hundreds of nonprofits, small businesses, and municipalities switch to 100% wind power – helping organizations achieve their sustainability goals while reducing overall electricity costs by an average of 18%.

Our Impact

Since 2013

  • 187 Local Organizations (and counting!) Saved

  • 18% Average Electricity Cost Savings

  • 1.9M Trees Planted

  • 16,390 Fewer Cars On The Road

  • 66,782 Tons of CO2 Emissions Reduced

How It Works

What does switching to 100% look like?

Take the First Step & Lead

We work closely with you and your organization through the entire process of making the switch. Our priority is simplifying each step of the process for you while securing the most affordable rates possible.

  1. We work with you to gather basic information about your organization, including your most recent electricity bill, and authorization to approach energy suppliers on your behalf.  This requires no commitmentFind out more
  2. Groundswell gets energy suppliers to compete for your business.  We only work with reliable and stable companies who will provide you with affordable prices, verifiable renewable energy, and a fair contract.
  3. We choose the best offer and get your organization estimated rates, contract language, and savings projections to help you make an informed decision. As always, our staff is here to explain the details.
  4. We work with you and the winning energy supplier to select a contract execution date to lock in pricing.  Groundswell will be there for you to make sure that you’re fully prepared to sign off on the final agreement.

We Are Proud to Have Helped 187 Community Organizations Like These Make the Switch

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Contact: Nadya Dutchin, Community Engagement Manager