Leon Childs, Community Engagement Associate, contributes a strong background in community engagement, social justice initiatives, community organizing, and social justice initiatives to Groundswell’s Save On Utilities Long term program. He has more than 16 years of experience in community organizing and public relations. Leon is dedicated to engaging the community and volunteering for service projects around the globe.

Leon spent eight years as the director of an after-school mentoring and tutoring program. Through this experience, he gained an understanding of the LaGrange community and the community’s needs. Leon also served as the Vice President of sales in the metal industry, where he gained knowledge of small business outreach.

An advocate for the people in all aspects of his life — including education, housing, and jobs — Leon has been on the front lines of a wide array of important issues. He holds a degree in business administration from Grandmarshall and has received education, social justice, and community awards. Leon constantly works to make the world a better place, and he now serves as an elected city councilman.